There has never been a greater time for the screen industry. With tens of television channels and more to come, there is an increase in the demand of television content like never before as audiences for film and broadcast
entertainment are growing, demanding more, new and different experiences.

The development of digital technology has indeed meant a potentially limitless expansion of television, cable and satellite channels with the consequent airtime that needs to be filled. There is also the internet and the computer games industry now. The screenwriting opportunities are there to be grasped.

However, this has created an ugly situation in present time as whatever is getting produced is getting on-air – even the content that is not up to the mark. I am offering screenwriting courses to change all that. I am here to
make sure that the valuable viewers of the respectable satellite television channels get only the A-Class, quality programs to watch whatever channel they switch on. And this is exactly where you come in.

One of the benefits of learning Hollywood standard screenplay format is that 1 page of the screenplay approximately equals 1 minute on screen. And this is one of those things that will leave producers and financiers with no other options but to become your fans for making it easy for them to get the budget calculations and other production tasks finalized right from the screenplay pages written by you.

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