A lot of the times it happens that some unique, promising educational opportunity offered in one city or country cannot be utilized by the residents of other cities or countries, leaving a lot of potential masters of the field helpless.

To cope up with the problem all of the top educational institutions of the world have started providing online education. And following them on the path, I am offering the screenwriting courses online to make it easy for everybody from anywhere in the world to utilize what my screenwriting courses have to offer - a complete career plan with real, paid work opportunities through a brainstormed industrial system - which makes the screenwriting courses I am offering a lot different and a lot better screenwriting courses than those offered elsewhere in the world!

To know why the screenwriting courses offered here are better than those offered elsewhere in the world, go through the following in its entirety:

Many times we hear film and television professionals stating that our industry is short of good writers and that new writers should come forward.

This is the ’should’ that is the main obstacle. In order to remove the obstacle, I will place the photos and short bios of all of the successful completers of my screenwriting courses on a webpage that I have created on http://webspace.webring.com/people/em/mdtabish/

The main purpose of the webpage of mine is to bridge the gap between those who are in need of new, good writers and those who are new, good writers.

While getting listed on the webpage will be one hundred percent FREE OF COST for all of the successful completers of my screenwriting courses, some space on the webpage is reserved for those writers who already know how to write (format and structure) screenplays and scripts for providing them the opportunity to get enlisted on the webpage for a nominal fee.

Make no mistake about it. I will be utilizing my industry contacts and resources to heavily market the webpage in the circle of professional film and TV program makers, particularly those who say our industry lacks good writers.

This is not all the students of any of my screenwriting courses will get.

I have filed a petition in the registry office for the copyright registration of an event that is going to be the first of its kind in the country. The event is going to be called “All Pakistan Screenplay Competition.’’

All of the successful students of any of my screenwriting courses will have the opportunity to participate in the competition with their best screenplays 100% FREE OF COST. For other writers who know how to properly write (format and structure) screenplays can also participate in the competition in return of a nominal fee.

If you are thinking is it all you will get, you must be a very demanding person. If it is so, congratulations, you have what it takes to be the best in the industry.

To fulfill the professional passion of the demanding ones of you, and of even those who are not that much demanding, I take great pleasure and pride in announcing that the establishment of a private production company is underway.

Those who will win the biyearly All Pakistan Screenplay Competition will have their screenplays made into films or television programs and sold. Also they will get their payment for writing such great, competiton-winning screenplays. This opportunity is exclusively for those who will complete any of my screenwriting courses.

After completing any of my screenwriting courses, you can write screenplays in Urdu (for Pakistani industry) as well as in English (for Hollywood entertainment industry).

Since Hollywood is striding its boundaries, reaching worldwide audiences and expanding its business to almost every part of the globe, it is expected of the players of the Hollywood entertainment industry to be open and accept screenplay queries, and reportedly they are doing just that, from all parts of the globe including Pakistan.

All of my screenwriting courses teach you Hollywood standard parameters of writing screenplays. This means that the screenplays you will write after completing my screenwriting courses will be ready for submitting to different Hollywood film production companies. In my course “Selling Screenplays to Hollywood” you will be told different methods of selling screenplays to Hollywood as well as I will provide you the list of links where you can submit your Hollywood formatted and structured screenplays to.

My screenwriting courses are prepared keeping the special consideration in mind that even an utter idiot could understand them, and for intelligent ones, it’s a win-win situation.

Who Can and Should Take These Courses?

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