The short answer is:

Anybody and Everybody.

Sounds rusty?

At first, to me as well.

However, as the professor of symbology Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) says in the movie Da Vinci Code that “A picture says a thousand words, but which words?” I would say the short answer “anybody and everybody” if picturized in the landscape of the mind properly brings a crystal clear picture.

Let me show you the picture to prove that anybody and everybody can and should take these courses.

Since we know that everybody whether consciously or unconsciously likes to share their points of view with as many people as possible, masses in plain, simple words, this is “the opportunity” for everybody. Films and television programs shape views of the masses, and if you learn to write great screenplays, you have your chance to tell the world how in your opinion the world should be. Who knows your points of view that you share with the world through your screenplays make this world a safer, peaceful place to live for all and you become the one who brings peace to the world in the near future? Whatever you experience and your unique point of view of them can help people to become ones with the hands and tongues of whom others can never get hurt. Thus the short answer is proved right.

As for the detailed answer, those who can and should or more appropriately must take these screenwriting courses are:

- Actors and Actresses
- Bankers
- Businessmen and Businesswomen
- Medical Doctors
- Folks who want to migrate to any advanced country or who are expected to get a visa soon.
- Government Officials
- Housewives
- IT Professionals
- Musicians
- People with an idea or ideas for movie(s) or television program(s)
- Producers
- Pensioned peoples
- Students
- Scientists
- Sportsmen and Sportswomen
- Writers who want to be screenwriters

Note: Females and minorities are especially encouraged to take these courses to be able to share their side of stories effectively.

Actors and Actresses:

Actors and actresses are sure to give award-winning performances if they know how screenplays are written because screenwriting helps them study the scenes, characters, and dialogues more deeply.


If you are a banker, you may be wondering what screenwriting has to do with you. If it is indeed the case, FYI some of the best screenplays ever written involve stories that revolve around banks, banking, or bankers. Shawshank Redemption is one great example. Bankers work within the banking system that is complicated for many people to understand and if there is anything as a banker you feel can be pointed out to bring improvements to the system itself or its understanding by the general public, screenwriting is your best bet which you can use to tell interesting stories that revolve around your profession.

Businessmen and Businesswomen:

It is a generally accepted thing that great entrepreneurs are always great storytellers. If you are an entrepreneur, you can share your unique business experiences with the world through screenwriting.

Medical Doctors:

A lot of films and television programs we see and like involve professional medical doctors or the profession of medicine in any way. Many screenwriters and novel writers often consult medical doctors to include anything related with the profession into their screenplays and novels. If you are a medical doctor, there is a high probability that there is something related with your profession about which you feel general public should know and telling those important facts to general public through screenplays is a very effective method.

Folks Who Want To Migrate To Any Advanced Country Or Who Are Expected To Get A Visa Soon:

If you learn screenwriting, you will have an additional skill that can help you in securing well paid jobs abroad. It is important that you know that there are many writing jobs abroad on the classified ads of whom you will find written “screenwriters preferred”, “screenwriters are encouraged to apply”, or something like just that.

Government Officials:

In many advanced countries, almost all Government officials after getting retirement from their posts start writing books about the unique experiences of their tenures. Whether you are retired or currently serving Government official, odds are there are some unique experiences of yours you would like to write about. Why not write some screenplays that have the chance of films and/or television programs being made on them.


For housewives, whether you are desperate or not, you sure are a housewife, and you must have your points of view to share with the world for betterment. These online screenwriting courses are ideally for you because you never have to leave your home to learn screenwriting. It’s really a win-win situation for you.

IT Professionals:

Some say that some of the world’s brilliant brains sit in the heads of IT professionals. Hollywood’s best sci-fi movies commonly include things that are directly or indirectly related to the field of information technology. If you are an IT professional, you can see your technology visions come to life just by learning screenwriting and writing screenplays that revolve around the technologically advanced world just how you envision it.


Musicians if learn screenwriting can write some of the world’s best musical screenplays on whom melodious movies and television programs can be produced. A win-win situation in the truest sense of the word.

People With An Idea Or Ideas For Movie(s) Or Television Program(s):

People who belong to this category just don’t need any explanation for their learning to write screenplays.


Producers also work with screenwriters and screenplays. The more producers can understand screenwriting the more they are able to do their jobs in an impressive manner. It is a globally accepted things that screenwriting is for producers as well.

Pensioned People:

Canadians say that retirement from your employment is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a new era. They not only say that, but act on it. Learning screenwriting is certainly something worthwhile to do at the start of this new era for pensioned people. Since they are very experienced, they have all what it takes to be a master screenwriter with little efforts.


Although everybody is a student of some kind, those who are generally termed as students are those who are young and energetic with lots of fresh ideas. For students, turning those fresh ideas into fully formatted and structured screenplays is a great effective way to move forward with those ideas.


Screenplays written by scientists, particularly of the sci-fi genre, sell quickly. So, if you are a scientist you have great prospects for succeeding in this business. All you need to do is just learn screenwriting.

Sportsmen And Sportswomen:

There are some movies that revolve around sports. If you are a sportsperson who often dreams of something huge happening in the world of sports and you feel that if that happens betterment is sure in the field, you can share that with the world and learn screenwriting to do just that.

Writers Who Want To Be Screenwriters:

Since we know that screenwriting is the basis of the major artform of the twentieth century, it is not difficult for any writer to imagine himself or herself being a part of history in the making.

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