A Wrong Practice in Third World Countries

by M.d Tabish Faraz

In some parts of the globe, particularly in third world countries, the corporate world takes the aspiring and working individuals of entertainment industry as non-serious people. Not only the aspiring and working individuals of entertainment industry are regarded as non-serious people, but the industry itself does not have any recognition in the chambers of commerce. The reason for that can be attributed to the poor performance of the entertainment industry in those global regions. Whatever the cause(s), it gets very difficult for the workers of entertainment industry to prove themselves as dedicated people and get a better job in the corporate sector at times when they are out of work due to the low number of the industry projects at any time of a year. Consequently, the workers have to do low-pay jobs and live their lives below the living standards they actually deserve or qualify.

Unlike what happens in the third world countries, aspiring and working individuals of the entertainment industry are considered dedicated people and the industry itself is recognized in the commercial circles of developed countries. One can say that this is because of the great revenue that is generated by the industry in those countries. No doubt this is the main reason of the difference, but this is no reason the aspiring and working individuals of the entertainment industry of third world countries should be underestimated and given no-to-few job opportunities in the corporate world. This unfair practice needs to be changed in third world countries if they want to bring fresh perspectives to their corporate sector for good.

Yes, corporate sector of third world countries needs to understand that the people who work for the projects of entertainment industry are just as dedicated people as those working in the corporate sector. As a matter of fact, on many occasions, one can notice that the workers of entertainment industry are more devoted than the human resource in the corporate world. One can understand this by looking at the fact that a working individual of corporate sector can relatively easily take any day off leaving the task or tasks of that particular day to be taken care by their colleague(s). This is certainly not the case with an entertainment industry worker as no matter what happens they have to be present, working on the important days of the projects. They can’t take the day-off that easily because almost all the time they are the only person with the set of skills or talents to be performed for the projects. Often it happens and the entertainment industry professionals always prove themselves as very serious and devoted workers towards their assigned tasks.

Let’s take screenwriters for example. A screenwriter is a very knowledgeable person and given priority for various different writing jobs in the corporate sector of developed countries. As a matter of fact, many top performing corporations of the world including Microsoft Corporation regularly send their entire creative staffs to the lectures of a working screenwriter Robert McKee, who is also a screenwriting coach at a famous brick-and-mortar university of the United States of America and the author of some of the best known books on the topic of story and storytelling.

So, anybody who calls themselves an individual with the working experience of the entertainment industry, a screenwriter for example, is worth calling for an interview for an important job in the corporate sector.

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