Here you will find screenwriting interpretations that will help you a great deal in your pursuit of a screenwriting career.

Here are the compositions by Md Tabish Faraz in this regard:

Screenplays and Scripts: Understand the Difference

Audience of the products of entertainment industries all over the world and people who are aspiring entertainment industry wannabes and workers if not the professionals in almost all parts of the globe have developed the habit of using the terms screenplay and script interchangeably with the later one most frequently used. This, however, is an errorneous custom and needs to be changed as to depict our correct understanding of the two terms as well as leading the people who are unconnected to the industry terms to quote the terms appropriately.
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The Inciting Incident and Plot Point I: Understand the Difference

What most fresh screenwriters don’t seem to understand correctly and make a technical mistake in is the first act (the beginning or the setup) where their writing indicates their misunderstanding of the difference between the inciting incident and plot point I, the two major highs in the first act.
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Making A Good Short Film Screenplay Great

A new friend from India on orkut recently requested my suggestions on how to write a short film screenplay in a win-win way. Here is what I advised him: Read More

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