Here you will find arguments regarding screenwriting in general.

Here are the compositions by Md Tabish Faraz in this regard:

A Wrong Practice in Third World Countries

In some parts of the globe, particularly in third world countries, the corporate world takes the aspiring and working individuals of entertainment industry as non-serious people. Not only the aspiring and working individuals of entertainment industry are regarded as non-serious people, but the industry itself does not have any recognition in the chambers of commerce. The reason for that can be attributed to the poor performance of the entertainment industry in those global regions. Whatever the cause(s), it gets very difficult for the workers of entertainment industry to prove themselves as dedicated people and get a better job in the corporate sector at times when they are out of work due to the low number of the industry projects at any time of a year. Consequently, the workers have to do low-pay jobs and live their lives below the living standards they actually deserve or qualify.
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Here is an article by Tony Jacowski

Careers in Entertainment Production:
Ever considered a career in entertainment production? This article introduces you to this exciting and lucrative career!
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My Articles Resumed:

The Screenwriting Instinct: How to know if you have it?

If by watching the picture of the movie Thelma and Louise for example, your mind pops up the memories of the film as to what was the story and who were the characters, and you could tell that your mind, after or as you watched the movie, thought about the incidents other than those happened to the characters in the movie happening to the characters and/or your mind thought of the characters other than the actual characters of the movie going through the exact same incidents as depicted in the movie, then you, for sure, have the instinct to write movies.
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