"I began teaching based on my experience as a reader of screenplays"
- Syd Field
Acclaimed as "the guru of all screenwriters" (given the title by the famous International News TV channel CNN), Field is currently on faculty at the USC Master's of Professional Writing Program, has taught at Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, the AFI and many other noted institutions. He has been a special script consultant to 20th Century Fox, the Disney Studios, Universal and Tristar Pictures. He is a creative screenwriting consultant to the governments of Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and Norway.

I chose to start the screenwriting courses page of this blog with the above statement by the guru just to give you a feel that once there was a time in the United States when there were literally no opportunities/institutions for learning screenwriting just like it is now in some countries of North America, South America, Australia, and Europe, and in most countries of Asia and Africa . Regardless of the unvailabilities of the learning sources in the United States many screenwriters who are considered legendary screenwriters today started studying screenplays by themselves and it is because of their passion for understanding American screenplays inside-out that we have some wonderful screenwriting courses today. And today everybody including you has the opportunity to learn the exciting craft of screenwriting.

“When I started writing, there were virtually no how-to-books, and no creative writing courses, let alone screenwriting courses. Now there are scores of books, and hundreds of courses some of which I have taught myself. I have even attended one of them, Robert McKee’s Story Structure course, and very useful I found it: ’Never take the ending out of the hands of the protagonist – push your hero to the limit’ – all that stuff we all know really, deep down, but can’t be reminded of too often. But by that time I was already established and successful as a writer."
- Andrew Davies
Screenwriter: Bridget Jones’s Diary - The Tailor of Panama
(The above statement of Davies is an excerpt from his foreword for a book by Ray Frensham, a script doctor, script advisor, and film and TV production finance broker, who regularly writes and lectures on screenwriting)

We are indeed very fortunate to have screenwriting learning opportunitites, especially when everyone of us know it very well that screenwriting is the basis of the major art form of the twentieth century – films and television programs.

As some of you are new to screenwriting and may be wondering whether you should consider becoming a screenwriter, Alan Bleasdale, one of the most successful and influential British writer working in British Television Industry today, has something to say to you:

“Every great writer was a new writer once – even Shakespeare.”

And I say:

“Every great screenwriter was a new screenwriter once – even Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Kaufman, Stephen King, Sidney Sheldon, William Goldman, James Cameron, and others.’’

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