Waheed Murad:

Not everybody knows that the ‘chocolate hero’ Waheed Murad was also a screenwriter. He wrote 3 feature-length screenplays: Amaan (in 1966), Ehsaan (in 1967), and Ishara (in 1969). All the 3 screenplays were produced and are now known as three of the best performing films in the history of Pakistani silver screen.

Haseena Moin:

Almost every television viewer in Pakistan knows the name Haseena Moin. She is one of the most popular television screenwriters in Pakistani television industry. Her 1-hour PTV style dramas such as Un Kahi, Tanhayiaan, Perchchayiaan, Dund, Parosi, Kiran Kahani, Zer Zabar Paish, Dhoop Kinaray, Kasak, and Tan Sen have got international fame and are taught in film institutes throughout South Asia.

Syed Rizvi:

Currently serving as the chairman of Pakistan Film Producers’ Association, Syed Rizvi has gained the respect of modern-day special effects professionals of Pakistan. His science fiction films “Shani” and “Sarkata Insaan” are a treat to watch and arguably two of those films Pakistanis all over the globe feel proud of.

Syed Noor:

Often referred as the savior of Lollywood entertainment industry in some of the most disappointing times, Syed Noor has written 400 feature-length screenplays to date. Several of his screenplays have won such prestigious awards as Nigar Awards and National Awards. His recent works such as Larki Punjaban, Majajan, and Commando, just like his first screenplay “Society Girl”, are considered some of the professionally written screenplays in the Lollywood entertainment industry.

Nasir Adeeb:

Nasir Adeeb’s claim of having penned over 400 feature film screenplays is one of the three features that distinguish Pakistani film industry from rest of the film industries in the world.

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