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First things first:

Who is a Screenwriter?

A screenwriter is an individual who writes for the screen, the mini screen and the big screen, TV and cinema.

Why should one care to go through different sections of this blog or even this very homepage for that matter?

When people ask me what I love to do, I tell them that I have a great fondness for screenwriting. Over 95% of people hear the word for the first time in their lives and ask me:

What is Screenwriting?

I then brief them about this exciting world.

So, screenwriting is the term given to screenplay writing. Don't confuse it with scriptwriting or script writing as screenwriting and script writing are two different mediums of media writing if not totally different. A script for a talk show, news, infotainment program, etc, whether on TV or radio, cannot be termed as a screenplay. On the other hand, a screenplay of a movie or TV program that is presented in a dramatic narrative with scenes and dialogues can be termed as a script. Why? Because a screenplay is a form of script and not opposite is the case.

Ok, But What Exactly Is There For Me?

Everybody whether consciously or unconsciously loves to share their experiences with others. Writing provides them that opportunity like no other activity. Besides novel writing, screenwriting is the form of writing that people love to pursue in highly developed countries. Besides, screenwriting is a fun activity; difficult, yes, a bit, but highly rewarding.

You will find information about Pakistani Film and TV Writers, Screenwriting In General, Screenwriting Products, Popular Filmmaking Products, Online Screenwriting Courses as well as the Screenwriting Services provided by Md Tabish Faraz right here on this website. Also available on this website are Screenwriting Interpretations that you are sure to find helpful in your quest for a successful screenwriting career.



Sohail said...

gr8 thoughts and clean meaning of screenwriting as u write.

you have such a brilliant mind i m really impressed with your this effort and i highly appreciate your thoughts and visions about screenwriting in pakistan.

Best of luck for furthure gr8 thoughts and post on ur valuable blog.

Your Friend,
Sohail Ahmed
Technical Manager

Sana Siddiqui said...

This is a complete site for learning screenwriting...its fabulous

jobs4pakistanis said...


Tanwir Phool said...

Your talent and skill is,indeed,excellent and admirable.
It is expected to prosper by leaps and bounds

Fahim Abbas said...

yar aap english me ae courses karoa ghe ya urdu me?

Paul Ben said...

hi there,

i liked your blog, particularly the courses page.

Chadwick Clough of scriptpimp here in Hollywood is doing a little bit similar thing you are doing in your country.

however, making it big within his system is tough, and i mean seriously tough.

yours one sounds more opportunistic and so more encouraging and tempting. I wish someone here also start something quite similar to yours for aspiring screenwriters of LA like myself.

good job indeed.

M.d Tabish Faraz said...

Hi Paul:

Thanks for your nice comments.

Although bloggers usually don't reply to the comments on the comments area, your comments left me with no other options.

I know about scriptpimp and Chadwick Clough. What he is doing through scriptpimp is in no way similar to and is TOTALLY different from what I am doing. And what I am doing IS NOT ONLY for Pakistani screenwriting wannabes.

My blog is still in its initial stages and I haven't started marketing it yet. It's nice to see that it is already generating interest. My point is, when it will be 100% ready, you will find it clearly written on the courses page that my courses and the unique, extremely useful benefits associated with them exclusively for my students are for Pakistani screenwriting wannabes as well as screenwriting wannabes from all over the world!

Yes, I am going to market it on the worldwide level so that prospective screenwriters from all parts of the globe can have the chance to avail the uniquely wonderful opportunities that screenwriters literally dream of.

In Pakistan there is already a 24/7 English television channel on-air with a couple of more coming soon. My production company will also be making English programs for the channels. And remember, you can always participate in the All Pakistan Screenplay Competition that will also include a category for English screenplays. Moreover, after taking my certificate-level courses you will be listed on the website that I have created to bridge the gap between who are seeking good writers and who are good writers. You know the importance of winning any country-wide screenplay competition and being called a produced screenwriter I am sure.

So the opportunities are there to be grasped. Make sure you are a part of a history in the making.

Finally, I would like to use this space to reply to the comments of Fahim Abbas who commented before you.

Fahim Abbas:

Mein English mein courses karwaunga. Lekin jo ye request karenge kay unhein Urdu mein course material provide kiya jaye unhein at no extra cost Urdu mein translate karkay course material provide kiya jayega.

Jessica Slater said...

i was just wondering why you are not offering your courses through a domain?

i mean you do have great 'plans' and offering something writers will find tempting.

Don't you think it will be far more easier for your students to pay the fees and get themselves signed up for your courses if you offer your courses through your own website?

As a writer myself, that will be quite convenient to me at least.

M.d Tabish Faraz said...

Hello Jessica:

Thanks for your query.

This, however, is the comments section and I would request you and everybody else to use this section only for writing comments, not for writing something that requires a reply from me.

If any of you has any queries, use the "Contact" section instead to drop me an email with your question(s).

As for the reply to your question, I am one of those entrepreneurs who believe in spending or more appropriately investing in the right place.

Blogs throughout the world are being used for commercial purposes. Mine is just one of them.

I believe the payment options are not going to be an issue for the prospective students as they can be quite conveniently utilized because the options are not in anyway less convenient than making credit card payments. Just wait for the fees payment instructions to appear on the blog and I am sure you will find them just as I say.

M.d Tabish Faraz said...

BTW, the right place of investment to me in this case are the production company and All Pakistan Screenplay Competition that are going to be of great help to my prospective students like you in getting professional working experiences (and getting paid too!) and recognition in the circle of media professionals.



Anonymous said...

Good work excellant mind

Saifuddin said...

good work

Soha Zaidi said...

i liked your blog. it's different.

reading other blogs seem to take it forever. you have set yours up wisely, giving each post its own page which gives it a website's look, the look you want to achieve i am getting the impression.

abdelmoaty said...

Hollywood writers of TV drama great strike this autumn,which threatens the entertainment industry all over the world ,demands new writers to fill the gap,and to enrich the boredom TV shows ,with a multi-national drama and intellectual works

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Tabish i have just gone through your blog and i really appreciate the knowledge you pocess about screenwriting and your plans to spread the same.

abdelmoaty said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Raj said...

Hi your Blog is really good with knowledge


Anonymous said...

Very Very cool!!!! Interesting information

Mike Foster said...

Great idea for a site and very useful. I have written a screenplay and am in search of an agent. Now, if you can help with that you're on to something.


jake gyllenhaal said...

It looks like you know the real technicalities of writing.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Nolan quits INTERSTELLAR and decides to do one more film on BATMAN.


Anonymous said...

Good post.

AD malick said...

Its great to see that you have brought together all necessary information from the basics. It seems like you are no longer connected here.... are you still offering the course??? please guide me about the procedure ??

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