The website you are present on is the result of 3 days of full time work on the web. Thanks to Google, this website was made possible and is currently in the process of getting popular and generating traffic.

The content that is present on this website is the result of the study and the experience in screenwriting and the knowledge of film business of Md Tabish Faraz.

Md Tabish Faraz is an experienced screenwriter who is qualified from online version of Hollywood. He has a passion for telling stories uniquely and excitingly in screenplay form. He has written two feature-length screenplays on assignment and also provided guidance to some ambitious writers and filmmakers from Europe and India. He has worked closely with a couple of independent Hollywood producers and enjoys some nice comments of Pakistani Film and TV professionals and professionals from Hollywood about him.

"I'm a big supporter and champion of writers. Anyone, such as yourself, who also takes a strong interest in screenwriters is someone with whom I share a passion and wish to be connected."
-- kind words of Gary W. Goldstein for Md Tabish Faraz
co-producer: Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts, Richard Gere)
executive producer: Under Siege and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (Steven Seagal, Tommy Lee Jones)

Louisiana Department of Education, Govt. of Louisiana, U.S., has included one of Tabish’s original articles titled “Screenplays and Scripts: Understand the Difference” in the curriculum of their Career Diploma Course titled “Film in America” (the comprehensive curriculum can be downloaded from the official website of the Louisiana Department of Education, here: http://www.doe.state.la.us/topics/comprehensive_curriculum.html, click on "Film in America" under "Career Diploma Courses"). Tabish recommends the career diploma course “Film in America” to all filmmaking enthusiasts who are looking to learn filmmaking, as after coming to know of the inclusion of his article in the curriculum he studied it closely and found it quite a comprehensive and a solid career diploma course for filmmaking wannabes across the country.

Tabish Faraz has also been writing a variety of web content for well over half a decade. He has written for American, Australian, British, Canadian, Pakistani and Gulf-based businesses. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with English Literature, International Relations, and Philosophy as chosen subjects.
Faraz has expertise and experience in writing SEO Web Content, Press Releases, Sales Copies, Corporate Video Scripts, TV/Radio/Web Advertisements, and Screenplays.

"Tabish Faraz is one of the most creative and talented writers I have worked with. His writing style allows the reader to comprehend the information provided and make better decisions

I recommend Tabish to all my friends and colleagues that are looking for an excellent writer for their business."
-- Nouriel Gino Yazdinian
Ex-CEO of Pringo Inc.
Gino is currently in boards of several technology companies in California.

Use the "Contact" page to send an email to Md Tabish Faraz. Only serious inquiries please.

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