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First things first:

Who is a Screenwriter?

A screenwriter is an individual who writes for the screen, the mini screen and the big screen, TV and cinema.

Why should one care to go through different sections of this blog or even this very homepage for that matter?

When people ask me what I love to do, I tell them that I have a great fondness for screenwriting. Over 95% of people hear the word for the first time in their lives and ask me:

What is Screenwriting?

I then brief them about this exciting world.

So, screenwriting is the term given to screenplay writing. Don't confuse it with scriptwriting or script writing as screenwriting and script writing are two different mediums of media writing if not totally different. A script for a talk show, news, infotainment program, etc, whether on TV or radio, cannot be termed as a screenplay. On the other hand, a screenplay of a movie or TV program that is presented in a dramatic narrative with scenes and dialogues can be termed as a script. Why? Because a screenplay is a form of script and not opposite is the case.

Ok, But What Exactly Is There For Me?

Everybody whether consciously or unconsciously loves to share their experiences with others. Writing provides them that opportunity like no other activity. Besides novel writing, screenwriting is the form of writing that people love to pursue in highly developed countries. Besides, screenwriting is a fun activity; difficult, yes, a bit, but highly rewarding.

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